My blue legs....!

I'm so happy that they finally started decorating Aristotelous square for Christmas! I decided yesterday to get downtown to drink a cup of coffee with my best friend Maria and when I saw this beautiful carousel I couldn't resist and I had my photo taken... So I show you my outfit with this great background.... Have a nice day!!!!
P.S: My friend Maria is the beautiful blonde girl with the adorable brown booties....


It's official.............

I' ve been thinking for so long to create a blog ( the lack of time didn't allow me that) and publish all my ideas, outfits and thoughts and now at last I' ve made one!!! You will propably wonder what fashion experiments means and how this title came up to me. I'm a study chemistry in my real life and I do chemical experiments all day long but in my wonderland I really enjoy doing fashion experiments all day and why not all night long xaxa!!!
So keep in touch and enjoy the results of my experiments........Kisses!!
P.S: I should  also mention that I  owe this idea to one of my best friends and cousin Angie, without her I would never create this blog.We could spend hours talking on the phone speaking about Fashion news mostly and of course a little bit about chemistry, as she is a chemistry student also...!
These photos are taken a few months ago but I wear my favourite uggs there so I should put them to make a good start!!!!